For Christ Church Arts Week, people who are not familiar with the college have been invited to collaborate on this project. In exchange for a college tour, the visitors described something that had caught their eye during their visit. Through their elaborate verbal descriptions, you are also invited to explore or re-explore familiar or unfamiliar spaces through first-hand experiences and inquisitive eyes.

Thank you to all those of the participants who have contributed their experiences:

Leanne Yau, Margaret Vorhaben, Ramisa Hassan, Ayushi Argawal, Kaitlyn O'Neal, Jasper Kauth, Aneyn O'Grady, Satoshi Kishigami, Renee Kono & those who prefer staying anonymous.


The work is available as an installation during Arts Week (15 - 23 February 2019) as well as a virtual experience.


The verbal descriptions will be available to listen directly on the browser. Please wait for the Soundcloud files to load.

© 2015 by Michelle Z Chin

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