Art Foundation Week 25

Planning for film and script:

Central shot of the

Following up from last week's entry, I couldn't have access to an office table. I borrowed a fairly neutral table from the degree course upstairs. I think it looks authoritative enough, despite still have specks of paint and some chipped edges. I think that it will be a good talking point.

Here we tried different chairs to go with the table. The orange one clashed too much.

The wheelie chair didn't suit the atmosphere of an art exhibition. It was too much of a visual distraction.

I ended up choosing this plain black chair, polished and semi-formal looking, adaptable to the environment.

I think that it is very important in the curation of my work at least that the installation is down to earth, as I want people to relate to it visually, recognizing the objects from the outside, non-artistic context. In this way, I can attempt breaking the high-class image of art and make it appear more accessible.

The space is ideal because it is surrounded by lots of work - the audience will have an immersive experience.

People keep using my table. At first I was quite annoyed, but I know find it funny because some artists base their whole work on 're-commodifying' Art. Well, I haven't even tried. My work re-commodified itself.

Maybe I could respond to this by making a 'territorial claim' to the desk.

Tate Britain app

This was so useful.

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