Art Foundation Week 23

Critiques review and reflection:

This week I produced an interactive tour of the art room's sink and its surroundings. This was in response of one of the final group critiques.

I had mentioned that it is very common for tour guides to accentuate their knowledge of foreign languages, incorporating 'exotic' sounding vocabulary whenever possible, and it will perhaps be an interesting idea offering the option for the public to choose which language they would like to be informed (English, Chinese, Italian, French, Spanish).

The group really liked the idea of the options and the multicultural element, and it has then inspired me to make my tour more personalized to befit the audience, giving them the option of hearing explanations for each work in whichever order they like.

Taking inspiration from 'choose your own adventure' / role-playing books such as 'Dungeons and Dragons', and a youtube game by the Fine Brothers called 'Saved by the Bell', I decided that I would test out the idea of an interactive tour virtually, to then show it at the last group critique of the term.

Feedback: The mini-project was very well-liked, found humorous and with a 'good level of pretentiousness'. The robotic voice was also well received - it disassociated the more offensive lines from me, and it perhaps even makes the tour more 'neutral', despite the opinionated content. Subtitles should be kept, as it enables the work to also work without sound.

For the real virtual video, address the audience but don't give 'shoutouts'. Loses impact.

Suggestions : Throw in more facts and numbers? Maybe challenge the idea of an all-knowing tour guide, and make him get obvious facts embarrassingly wrong.


Seven Days in The Art World - Sarah Thornton - Chapter 'The Magazine'

It was very useful to read this chapter as it showed that many people believe that art criticism is key to an artwork's popularity(if not success). Art critics and historians's writings in magazines not only give artists and their work abundant exposure, but it also gives even the most inaccessible work some decryption, whether a conceptual narrative or an analysis of materials and techniques used. It has given me more confidence in my project, though it has also made me question whether pursuing Art as an artist is truly what I want.

Understand Contemporary Art: Teach Yourself by Grant Pooke, Graham Whitham

It was interesting to see how a 'down to earth' book explains art and the way it should be approached. Contrasting with the essays in ArtReview and Frieze, the descriptions are a lot more concrete and easier to understand. As said in Seven Days, art criticism nowadays is like a piece of art itself. This book however seems to prove that one can write about art without using confusing art syntax and abstract metaphors.


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