Art Foundation Week 11+12

Outline Statement for Unit 5/6:

This term I want to challenge myself by making a short film, so that I can focus on exploring concepts and documenting them in the most efficient way. The themes could be inspired by the books I am currently reading.

I also want to explore the idea of preservation and reincarnation - inspired by my trip to Barcelona.

Intended Outcome

  • short film - content to be decided

  • reincarnation themed project - a series?

First week of Spring term: Michelle was absent, because she was too busy praying, waiting on her results from Ox (she got in, woop woop).

Reflection over last term:

Barcelona travels - really inspiring

main ideas:

death and reincarnation - mummifying work - preservation/rebirth

Juan Lopez's Push the Envelope (find it in my Barcelona post)- challenging the art gallery environment? re-contextualising mundane items in the art gallery environment

Serafín Álvarez - Maze Walkthrough 2014 (find it in my Barcelona post) - viewers having control of the work - interactivity

Ongoing research...

Second week of Spring term: Michelle watched tons of movies

Donnie Darko for the first time ever

thoughts: ingenious plot and filming - reality vs fantasy - inspiration

Actresses by Jeremy Hersh

Content: Female relationships, insecurities, giving-receiving criticism


  • liked the mundane yet critical subject of ‘criticism’

  • close up shots – makes the viewers feel very intimate and deep within the set

  • heavily based on acting however

Six Dollar Fifty Man by Louis Sutherland, Mark Albiston

Content: childhood innocence?


  • really like how it features children – naivety, innocence, a fresh point of view introduced by the most innocent – the most vulnerable

  • frustration – bullying –

  • such ‘insignificant’ problems becoming of such big importance to the viewers

  • build up – plot twist – what is it trying to convey??

God View by Bill Lumby



  • filmed with drone? (take that back, it’s made with a specially made body rig)– love the birds eye view – he seems like a game character link back to exhibition seen in Barcelona where the viewer was the game player? – having control of the story

  • plot twist – unpredictable

Samuel-613 by Bill Lumby

Content: story of a Hasidic Jew in crisis


  • frustration – identity – social pressure - inspiration for content? a personal story/experience?

  • very powerful

  • great acting

Sugarless Tea by Ivan Kander

Content: narrative animated story


  • too illustrative in my opinion – fit for purpose though, showing reminiscence

The Sea is Blue by Ivan Kander


  • indifferent to plot

  • great stop motion - perhaps too time consuming for me to have an attempt

Meanwhile by Stephen McNally


  • animation worked great – highlighted/emphasised the characters

  • music helped build tension

  • repetition – built up pace and foreshadowed


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