Art Foundation Week 10

Theme: Illustration

Brief: make something in response to a book of your choice

Book chosen: The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Thought process:

It was never clearly stated whether the protagonist Gregor Samsa had truly, physically changed into a bug, or whether it was all a product of his imagination. Even when his family were described to be horrified by his appearance, they could have referred to his malnourishment and sickness.

This led to my interest in exploring/continuing to explore the idea of 'belief' vs 'reality'.

In the earlier post this week, I reflected upon the idea of work of art being a conscious creation and a result of an artist's belief. (Click to read 'On recognising ART')

In short, I believe that we cannot leave the 'labelling' up to the art critics/art world/public as their ideas would always be influenced by what they know. In my opinion, artists themselves must genuinely believe that their work is ART in order for it to be recognised as ART by others.

Although I was pretty convinced even a moment ago, I want to find alternative perspectives.

Is it within the viewer's power to recognise ART?

Starting from a less widespread belief mechanism/system - hypnosis - I want to convince people that mundane items in the room are pieces of artwork through hypnotic language.

After listening to the audiopiece, I hope that some may see the objects described, as ART.

However, will those items truly be considered ART?

I feel that hypnosis itself is very similar to ART. In order for both to work, one must believe.

Hypnosis works when a therapist suggests things to a willing, believing patient/volunteer

ART works when an artist suggests to a willing, believing audience that their work is ART.

I know I am focusing on the receiving end, the 'patient' and the 'audience', but I think that this is relevant to my research.


I didn't actually manage to realise this project - I felt for the hypnosis to be authentic and authoritative, the objects described must be materially present in the room in which the audience experiences the audio piece.

Should I be able to pursue this project, I would make multiple site-specific hypnotic descriptions.

On the other hand however, I have attempted something similar at my practical test at the Ruskin, I think I answered the briefs quite illustratively....

Read this below for the concept:


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