Reflection on The Announcement

Click here to listen to 'The Announcement' being played at SCCH

Although I thought I hadn't bore any expectations when making this project, I was surprised that the people in the foyer showed little or no response when hearing the announcement. I thought I could take advantage of the fact that the speakers have only played music in the past, and perhaps shock the audience with a sudden 'announcement'.

I found it very interesting how people did and didn't react. There is a stereotype of British people being very mannerly and respectful in public areas. Though my small scale experiment has many factors that could have influenced its overall impact (eg time of the day, volume, location, audience demographics etc), I feel that it shows the local youth breaking a presumption towards a culture. I think it would be very interesting to repeat this project in different cultures.

I would approach this differently, targeting two different groups of people - the normal public and the gallery viewers(the elite). In Claire Bishop's artificial hells, she explained participatory art as being one that can involve the often neglected majority of people (the public), whereas the rest only involves/addresses the 'elite' visitors of art galleries and museums. I would try offer this participatory art in a location that can be frequented by both demographics for an overlapping experience.

Footage credits Leah Bewes

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