Art Foundation Week 8

Graphics Week:

I spent most of this week reading 'Artificial Hells' and planning a project that I have yet been able to carry out...

Originally named as 'Operation Sabotage', this project was a response to the Paris bombings, as well as the 'outrageously' expensive Xmas Ball held at Sussex Coast College.

The whole event was shocking. It is hard to come up with an 'appropriate' approach to this situation... Support came in many forms: volunteering, donating blood, deploiting security to protect vulnerable...

Among the evident options, there were two that really confused and upset me: supporting via social media and bombarding ISIS Raqqa (in Syria).

Without doubt, not everyone can physically provide help. As a result, those who 'cared' showed it by sharing photos of Paris under #prayforparis...

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly). #prayforparis was also for personal gain.

Thus when seeing the fancy ticket booth set up the Monday after the attacks, I felt uneasy.

If the ticket booth and the ball were symbols of the apathy, is there a way to trigger people's concern and 'conscienciousness'?

This is my proposed project:

( have contacted War Child, received their memorabilia, just waiting for an *appropriate* time to carry out the project )

#artfoundation #reflection

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