Art Foundation Week 7

Theme: Construction and deconstruction

This week we responded to the architectural elements around the college, 'destroying' and 'breaking' them down to abstract shapes (perhaps) with which we constructed a plaster mould.

I personally found the brief very restricting and not at all my cup of tea....

This is what I made:

All that I can say is that it was very badly executed.

Moving on, rather, going back to a mini project I did last week in response to the brief 'hidden from plain sight'. I made a questionnaire fopeople in my class to write down some of their thoughts, doubts and questions. (Originals shown below)

I copied some answers (and extracts of long answers) onto post-it notes, and I stuck them anonymously around the college.

(unexpected reply)

A lot of them had been taken down before I could photograph them (inconspicuously).

I definitely enjoyed this little project, despite the fact that it turned out a lot different than what I had planned originally....

The initial idea was sticking post-it notes that say 'THIS IS ART' on objects in the school atrium, for example a recycling bin, a bench, a caution warning etc., and following on with a public announcement through the speakers that would say something along the lines of: 'Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention. Please do not leave any item unattended. Any unattended item will be removed for security reasons'.

In the end, I felt that the labelling would be excessive, so I recycled the idea of the post-it note to instead draw attention to a certain space, idea and moment. (The annoucement has yet been announced)

This post-it note idea, inspired by Hans Ulrich Obrist's instagram, seemed to be a great way to create relationships in public areas - be it a temporary connection between strangers in a lift or a moment of appreciation for a lonely, dusty corner.

I would like to explore this further, maybe using sound and images, to address contemporaneous issues on the news.

#artfoundation #reflection

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