Art Foundation Week 6

Sculpture week

This week ended with my unsuccessful performance due to a technical malfuntion.

I am mad? Hell yes. Do I want to continue with performance anyhow? Hell yes.

I promised earlier on in the weekly reflections that I will try to overcome this fear of 'losing control', of 'making mistakes' and of 'failures'... I don't think I have made any progress in terms of how I feel each time I 'perform', but I think my progress lies in my acceptance of 'anomalies' and 'unpredictable elements'.

I shall attempt again next week.

Monday's brief: make a sculptural response to an unseen object

I wasn't able to take this brief seriously because I was 100% sure the moment I touched the unseen object that it was a minion figurine.

I wouldn't classify what I did as 'art', but rather a result of manual (unskillful) crafting.

Thoughts: I am conflicted by the idea of what kind of 'skills' is required to make Art.

A wood carver that makes handmade souvenirs must have gone through rigorous training or at least had significant experience with woodcarving. Is such person called an artist?

A man with a talent for drawing, who does fast portraits and caricatures on the street, is this person an artist?

A person who grew up untouched by artistic influences, whose job mainly consisted of cleaning but then went to art school, is this person (Oscar Murillo) an artist?

Is graphic, product and fashion design art? If so, why do we label things 'furniture', 'cars', 'homeware' and 'clothes' and so on if they are products of artistic processes?

Why is there a hierarchy in art? What makes Fine Art more valuable than other art and design, even thought the other disciplines are more commercialised?

Tuesday's brief: make a sculptural response in an Arte Povera style, using materials found in Alexandra Park

I made a few videos

1. A Walk in the Park - I tried to spell out 'HELP'

2. Tracks

A 'slight' sight - following on from the feather series perhaps?

I really enjoyed seeing what the others have made. Especially the installation/performance by a group: they took tons and tons of leaves and branches from the park and recreated the environement in the studio. They said that they felt that the atmosphere was different however, and that the setting has lost its original purpose (I think). This links to my idea of acculturation and enculturation somewhat. Does something lose its essence even its taken away from its original locality?

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