Oscar Murillo @ David Zwiner

Oscar Murillo

binary function

24 Grafton Street, David Zwirner, London

October 10 - November 20, 2015

I first came across Oscar Murillo's work at the Venice Biennale (check out my post) and I immediately felt a connection with his Frequencies Project. I knew nothing about Murillo's background at the time, but I was sure that we share the same motivation to make Art.

Visiting his Binary Function exhibition and seeing his paintings and his videos firsthand actually made me quite emotional - to me, his work spoke of the theme of enculturation, of similarities and differences, and of nostalgia.

The way's Murillo's work breaks down both social and cultural obstacles is admirable. The Cleaners' Late Summer Party with COMME des GARÇONS is a remarkable example of how Murillo integrated different social demographics. Regarded by some as an artistic performance and some as a mere party, the event gathered both members of the art circle and international public at the Serpentine Gallery.

Although Murillo himself is Columbian, I find that most of his work is inspired by the local culture. Be it the local lifestyle cliché, the local language or the local customs. I would also like to follow his example on my personal quest to understand cultural identity and social behaviour.

#london #reflection

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