Art Foundation Week 5

Last week before half term: painting week.

We were told to paint these 8 little boxes in response to the set ups (similar to the ones during drawing week). I wasn't able to finish mine because I really wasn't happy with them. If you look at my A-Level work (in my Art Page) you could say that I am not absolutely tragic at painting... My 'painting style' used to be quite realistic and close to the photograph, but I felt that I could not approach this brief with the same attitude as I had during Sixth Form. I tried to be more abstact and expressive, mixing my own colours instead of using a bunch of earth colours (ooooo, rebellion), but I still felt unhappy with work. I felt that I had too much control over the paint and the brush (even though they were incomplete and very 'unrestrained'), and that made them very... boring.

As a result, I tried making a painting contraption... which would allow me to paint without having as much control.

The original idea was to place a sheet of paper (with some bits masked over) on the floor, and hang paintbrushes full of painting above the sheet.

Hypothetically, whenever I'd cut one of these strings, a paintbrush would drop on the other side of the wall and 'make a painting'.

However, because I couldn't get the brushes to hang away from the wall, I moved the sheet of paper onto the wall, and hope that the brushes would make some 'dynamic' brushmarks as they drop down.

That didn't work either... this was the end result.

The next morning, I had planned to make a painting catapult. This is what happened.

During the critique, somehow said 'a monkey could have done that'. It annoyed me a lot. But it also made me reflect upon the limitations of conventions.

#artfoundation #reflection

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