Art Foundation Week 1+2

Week 1+2 has been about breaking all preconceptions of drawing - or even the idea of drawing.

We started off doing some 'straight-forward' drawing, rotating between figure and still compositions.

This portrait is a portrait of Kim, I believe. I spent ages on it because I wasn't happy with how it looked. The room where I worked was very cramped, so I stood in a small space, squeezed in between the wall and the massive easel. I tried to give myself some space by adding that to the composition. My final twist, something I wasn't initially keen on, was to use colour. I let Kim choose them - her favourite and least favourite.

I had laboured over the squares and the figure for ages. When I was told to fill in the composition, I felt that I wanted to leave an area white - and thus the imaginary window.

The angle from which I was drawing this ball of crumpled paper was really awkward.

Another drawing of the crumpled ball... I was extremely tired that day because of an unexpected Netflix marathon.... so I thought I'd write some of my thoughts down (they are the spider legs).

Again, I was sick of drawing, and I started painting over my drawing.

Some tissue paper hanging off the wall...

This was the original drawing. But I somehow came to dislike it so much that I did the following:

Tadahhh. I liked it much better after I ripped it. I'm not sure how I feel about the ripping now... it didn't get picked up on the critique, but we haven't gotten to the level of critiquing abstract art yet...

Today we were told to making a drawing tool. Mine is made out of cotton, oven net(?) and string.

Some drawings made using the tool...

Another one...

The following pieces are responses to alternative stimuli... for this we listened to a piece of audio.

Another one in response to audio.

And another one..

For this we were shown an old-school video that played on repeat from those 'ancient' film players of a man bending side to side and forwards...

This one is even crazier. We were shown an extract of 20 minutes of a film, and we were told to draw EVERYTHING.

#artfoundation #reflection

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