The following work is by Nakis Panayotidis in his exhibition 'Seeing the Invisible'

Roughly from the exhibition brochure:

Nakis Panayotidis was born in Athens in 1947. Even from his adolescence, he has been exploring the world of theatre and set design. In 1966 he moved to Turin, where he studied architecture and got in touch with the architect Volterrani and the sculptor Molinari, whose support started his artistic career. In 1967, Panayotidis enrolled into the Academy of Fine Art in Rome and took theatre and cinematography. Only a year later, he returned to Turin and started working for Volterrani and Molinari. Convinced that Art can be an effective ideological vehicle, he develops his passion for politics. In the 70s, he moved to Bern (where he still lives) and

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