Fondazione Prada Milano // Aug 2015

Fondazione Prada was a secret gem. The little gated compound in which the exhibition buildings are is nothing that catches the eye. In fact, I was quite uncomfortable in the suburban neighbourhood.

As you go in however, you discover that a secret, luxuriously laid-out art heaven that includes a cinema, an underground exhibition space, a haunted house and a golden tower. What else can one ask for?

Just as the multitude of facilities suggests, the Fondazione welcomes work of various medium, although the preciously small groups of visitors makes it hard for them to invite live performers.

Don't get me wrong, the place is huge. It is part of a former distillery complex dating back to the 1910s.

Muro di pietra by Pino Pascali

Multiple works by different artists

​Multiple works by different artists

We are not two, we are one by Nathalie Djurberg

I love this artist's work. They are all stop motion animations - some made with clay and putty dough, some with fabric and other appropriate materials. In this video, a woman is sharing the body of a wolf - who appears to be very selfish and irritable. There's a strong sense of female 'survival' in an oppresive world, whether it is by simply copeing, or by taking form of something else (as seen in the still below).

Putting down the prey by Nathalie Djurberg

This animation is about an Eskimo woman hunting a walrus, cutting it apart and then sewing herself inside the corpse of the dead animal. It is indeed as bloody and disgusting as it sounds, but it was at the same time very mesmerising. Many of the viewers stood gaping at the screen (which was located inside this little walrus-corpse-looking hut in a big room), while the chilling sound effects of the two videos overlapped.

Another animation by Djurberg - I didn't get the name

Disgrace (R.R. Corniche) by Elmgreen and Dragset

Life's Drag Organs by Sarah Lucas

Life's Drag Organs by Sarah Lucas

Life's Drag Organs by Sarah Lucas

(stills from) Hand Catching Lead by Richard Serra

Processo Grottesco by Thomas Demand

made with 30 tons of grey cardboard

Photograph of a good photograph of Processo Grottesco by Thomas Demand

Panoramic scenes inside the foundation

'Cell (clothes)' combined with 'Single III' by Louise Bourgeois

Untitled (1993-1994) by Robert Gober

Untitled (2014-2015) by Robert Gober

Lost Love by Damien Hirst

Lost Love by Damien Hirst

Lost Love by Damien Hirst

Lost Love by Damien Hirst

Great Pyramid at Giza with Broken Head from Thebes by David Hockney

You would not listen when I told you by Llyn Foulkes

Where is the light? by Llyn Foulkes

To mother a letter from Bart by Llyn Foulkes

One of the many statues in the 'Serial Classic. Multiplying Art in Greece and Rome'.

Peinture feu Couleur sans titre (FC 1) by Yves Klein

Definitely worth the visit. 10 euros a ticket, 8 euros for students. Free for students under 18

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