Dansaekhwa @ Palazzo Contarini-Polignac

Date of visit: end of July

Cost: free admission that includes a thorough catalogue

Location: near Ferry Stop Accademia, Venice

Crucial introduction to the Dansaekhwa movement from Yongwoo Lee, the exhibition curator:

"The word Dansaekhwa, which means single-color painting, describes an art form begun in the early 1970s through the 1980s during a time of great upheaval in Korean history."

"Although Dansaekhwa can be understood as sharing similarities with Western monochrome art and minimalism, it is distinct from both in terms of its historical background, aesthetic practice, and underlying social criticism. Western monochrome... arose from the avant-garde's emphasis on simplicity of form that foretold the viability of extreme contrast and the end of painting. Dansaekhwa, on the other hand, can be conceived as both a physical practice, consisting of repetitive generative actions, and as a kind of spiritual and emotional practice devoted to making paintings that activate the canvas plane in order to communicate directly with the viewer."

"Rather than Dansaekhwa excluding sensitivity to color, 'monochromatism' maintains a painterly flexibility and affinity by removing the excess of color. "

"What is characteristic about Dansaekhwa is that its foundation, which its practitioners adhere to, is not about divorce or any negotiation of tensions within the tradition of painting, but instead an evolution of the canvas based on the simplicity of color and the transformation that occurs from introspective analysis."

"While it is true that the orgins... contained a manifesto as part of the anti-institutional art exhibition, it was primarily a movement that revitalised the orthodox modernist avant-garde values of the body and language in visual art."

(Apologies for not being able to label the portrait pictures... this blog app is driving me crazy. I'll just list them here. 1. Conjunction 74-25 by Ha Chong-Hyun; 2. Untitled 73-7 by Chung Sang Hwa; 3. Work 73-1-9 by Chung Sang Hwa (I think); 4. Untitled by Kwon Young-Woo. )

Work 73-13 by Ha Chong-Hyun

Close up of Conjunction 1973 by Ha Chong-Hyun

From Point by Lee Ufan

From Line by Lee Ufan

Lee Ufan

Lee Ufan

Untitled 1985 by Kwon Young-Woo

Untitled 1984 by Kwon Young-Woo

Close up of Untitled 1984 by Kwon Young-Woo

Uhh... I'm sorry, I didn't jot this artist down. And the poor resolution didn't help.

Ecriture No. 228-85 by Park Seo Bo

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