Markus Lüpertz @ MAM Paris

From exhibition brochure:

"The Musée d'Arte moderne de la Ville de Paris is presenting the first French retrospective of the work of Markus Lüpertz, whose imagination and originality have made him one of Germany's greatest artists and major figure on the contemporary European scene. His oeuvre - paintings, scultpures, drawings and poems - is characterised by an ongoing questioning of art and the role of the artist."

Born in 1941, Markus Lüpertz began painting in a postwar German art climate dominated by American Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. Like A.R. Penck, Georg Baselitz and Jörg Immendorff, he broke free of these movements, blazing a personal, innovative trail focused on a relentless testing of art's limits. His career reflects the insatiable need to explore that is especially visible in his 'dithyrambic' series of paintings, with their formal simplification, magnification of detail, and distinctive merging of the figurative and the abstract.

In the late 1960s Lüpertz's large-format pictures increasingly included references to contemporary history, in the form of such 'German motifs' as Wehrmacht helmets, approached with deliberate objectivity. In 1985 he began turning to mythological figures and other ancient subjects, making visual borrowings from such masters as Poussin, Goya and Courbet."

Personal thoughts:

Although I enjoyed seeing Lüpertz's work, I disliked how it was exhibited backwards - from the latest to the earliest work. I think it would have been easier to follow Lüpertz's thought process behind each piece had it been showed chronologically.

Nevertheless, the snippets from his interview were very helpful and thought-provoking.

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