Fondation Louis Vuitton à Paris

Date of visit: July 13, 2015

Commissioned mirror corridor by Olafur Eliasson

Cost: €5 for under-18s; €10 for students under-26; €14 full ticket

I didn't have my student ID with me, but I showed them my UNiDAYS profile on the UNiDAYS app... even with the ridiculous last-minute profile picture and the obnoxious flashing 'verified ID', they let me have the student ticket. Rather nice of them I must say.

It includes entry to the Jardins D'Acclimatisation - great place for a picnic.

How to get there: Metro Line 1 "Les Sablons"; or Fondation LV shuttle from Place Charles De Gaullle for €2 one way

My friend and I took the shuttle both ways because we felt that it was more direct than the metro, whose station wasn't even in sight from Foundation LV.

Fondation Louis Vuitton by Frank Gehry

Please don't be put off by the photos, they don't do Frank Gehry's masterpiece any justice.

I simply went there on a horribly cloudy day...

Click on this to learn about its history and to see what it's meant to look like

The view from the open terrace on the third floor (I think). Definitely worth seeing.

Few artworks that really stuck to my mind - most of which I didn't have a photo of because photographs weren't allowed indoors (I think). Bear with me, I don't even have the artists' names because I lost the brochure, but I will describe the pieces as best as I can.


Video shown on a single screen of a well-dressed middle aged woman (the artist) first being followed then being chased by a half a dozen joyous performing musicians whom she tries very hard to get away from. The comical pursuit, discreetly done by one or two cameramen who vigorously kept up to the frantic pace of the fleeting 'victim' of the fanfare, mirrors the daily harassment and spotlighting of celebrities. In my opinion, the Spanish artist not only wants to highlight the issue of day-to-day discomfort amongst women in the Spanish patriarchal society, but also that of the patronisation of women's success.


Video installation on the four walls of a soundproof room. The videos are montages from popular action films, that build up accordingly to climax with an explosion of (scenes of) gunshots. As a viewer standing in the middle of the room, I underwent a moment of panic and confusion as the dark, isolated room suddenly became a virtual zone of warfare. Even though I had read the warnings prior to entering, the astonishingly deafening and realistic simulation created as a result of popular culture really startled me. I found this experience was provoking in the way that it criticises the filming industry and the popular culture in general for enabling the public to shamefully accustom to this romanticised (gun) violence.

As phrased by Joseph Heller's Catch-22:

“mankind is resilient: the atrocities that horrified us a week ago become acceptable tomorrow.”

A good exhibit to proceed with this topic would be McCrow's One Less Gun at Gallery OXO in London. (Post to follow)


Video installation of a 'business/marketing' lesson, with statistics, graphs, interviews and satirical narration that explores the psychological impacts and client reaction to each of strategies taught.

Audience is invited to take a seat in front of the TV screen and listen wearing headphones.

It's hard to say why exactly I enjoyed this piece, but between feeling insulted and manipulated and feeling awestruck by the human astuteness and cunningness, I have to praise the artist's comprenhesive research.


La Bocca/Bosch by Bertrand Lavier, 2005

This piece really struck me, mostly because I saw it again at the Punta Della Dogana in venice, but also because of the bold combination of iconic furniture (Mae West Bocca Sofa, designed by Salvador Dalì in 1936) and mundance appliance (a freezer). While the giant lip, represents the warmth of body heat and liveliness, the freezer obviously suggests the opposite - the lack of warmth and lifelessness. I imagine the juxtaposition aims to show the different ways in which 'life' is preserved...

Thank you for reading this far!


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