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Dedicated to Clara and her leiwand friends.

Date of visit: End of June

Gustav Klimt Villa

Cost: €10 adult

Klimt lovers listen up; this hidden gem is a must-go! The entry fee is a little expensive, but it’s well worth seeing and experiencing for oneself the original studio room and workshop in which Klimt had worked until his sudden death in 1918.

Renovated and reconstructed from contemporaneous descriptions and illustrations, one can get a real sense of the living and working atmosphere during Klimt’s residency.

Be aware of specific opening times:

30/07/2015 to 31/12/2015

Thursday to Saturday, 10am – 6pm

Leopold Museum

Cost: €13 regular; €9 students under 28

Audioguide: €4

For the price of a large burger meal at McDonald’s, I was able to see the most incredible collection of Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt, in addition to Tracey Emin’s Schiele-inspired work and a comprehensive display of Austrian Art Nouveau.

Frankly, those are the best €9 I have ever spent.

Sadly there was a ban on photographing the work, so I hope you can gather an idea of the exhibits from the brochures.

For those of you who are not very familiar with Schiele and Klimt’s work, one thing you should know about them is that their scandalous life drawings result from their equally scandalous lifestyle. Given that modelling for artists was not well looked upon at the time, the duo’s subjects often led a disreputable life on the edge of prostitution.

Among Schiele’s many models, Walburga ‘Wally’ Neuzil was perhaps the best-known one for being his lover and faithful companion from 1911 until 1915. While the museum has dedicated an entire exhibit to the Neuzil series, it is hard to identify her with certainty in paintings where her distinctive auburn hair and blue eyes are hidden from the viewer.

If you would like a memorabilia from the place, local experts are fervently committed to the old photo booth diagonally across from the Leopold. €2 per strip (I think)

Should you be interested in more Klimt, the Belvedere Palace is said to have a vast selection.

If you are feeling artsy, but you have had enough of museum and being indoors, take a stroll down the Danube riverbank (exit Schottenring Ubahn).

It's a great place to hang out and chill. Bring packed lunch, a big bottle of fruit juice, something to sit on and indulge yourself into the hipster atmosphere.

Should you get too chilled however, local experts commend Flex for its evening entertainment. It's right on the riverbank.

Foodies, I present to you Naschmarkt

Huge market with over 100 food and vintage stalls (on the left hand side) and restaurants (on the right hand side).

Feeling healthy? Try the falafel salad at Tewa - all their food organic.

Final top tip from local expert:

“Use this word in every sentence and you shall be cool – geil.”

Use at your own discretion – definition on Urbandictionary.com

Thanks for your time,


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