Segways in Prague


The train ride from Berlin to Prague took something like 4 hours. I almost slept the whole way, so I don't have much to say other than, 'it was a good place to nap'.

Near our hotel was the Old Town Square, where locals offered segway tours around the city. I would have loved to do that, had I not been travelling with my uncoordinated family. We took the sightseeing bus instead - I think it was cheaper to do so anyway. There are various routes you can take. We took the 3-hour one that went up to the Prague Castle (Prazsky hrad) up the hill, where there was a 30 minute stop, and around the city.

I wouldn't recommend it on a scorching hot day however, there is neither roof nor AC. We got cooked.

Creepy busker on one of the many bridges in Prague. The best-known is the 15th century Charles Bridge (Karluv Most). The 621 metres-long structure is lined with artists and buskers, baroque-style statues and trademark souvenir stands, selfie-takers and professional photobombers. It's definitely worth seeing, both in the day and in the night.

Google image of the Charles Bridge

Blottage by Kankáž

at the Museum Kampa, Prague

Ticket cost: depends on which exhibition you are going to see

by Vladislav Mirvald

I stumbled across this museum whilst walking along the riverbank. It's located in a small park, and it has some interesting work by this Czech artist, Vladislav Mirvald. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to photography the work, so I found these images on Google.

by Vladislav Mirvald

If you are wondering how he did these hypnotic paintings, let me give you a hint: a compass and an impossibly steady hand.

by Vladislav Mirvald

Overall, I felt a little disappointed with the museum's content as I personally found it lacked multiculturalism. But given the fact that it collects and promotes the work of local artwork, I think it can be a good place to observe Prague's cultural assets.

What do you think of Mirvald's work?

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