Art Basel 2015


Date of visit: June 20-21, 2015

Cost: 43Francs regular one-day ticket; 35 Francs student one-day ticket

I ended up buying two one-day tickets because it was my first time attending the fair and although I had heard much about it in the past, neither did I expect the venue to be so big nor the artwork to be so abundant.

I would recommend buying a two-day ticket (I think it's 70Fr for adults, please correct me if I am wrong); while it's possible to view all artwork in one day, I think it would be such a shame to do so because you may miss the intentions and messages behind each thoughtful piece.

How did I get there: flew to Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg airport - taxi to hotel Stücki - public bus/tram to the venue

Taxi from the airport was a bit of a thoughtless, uninformed decision. A 10-minute ride of about 8km cost us 48Francs. The bus to the centre of Basel would have cost 4Francs a person. However, the hotel where I was staying at, Stücki Best Western, is not really in the centre, so going via public transport would have taken up to an hour. It's a lovely hotel, don't get me wrong - they gave us free tickets for public transport for our time there, but if you are visiting Basel just for the art fair, I suggest looking at hotels that are more central. (Be careful, Basel borders and perhaps even crosses France and Germany - I almost reserved a hotel in a nearby German village! Look it up on a map before booking)

The art fair:

Open from 11am to 7pm, the fair takes place annually. 2016 dates are from June 16-19, unless you buy a VIP ticket or get invited for the private view. Below are some tips and my favourite highlights.

Mixed media collage by Ray Johnson

Admission is pretty straightforward, but you may be asked to check-in large bags (for free) in the cloakroom. The security guards were quite discriminatory on medium sized bags, so be prepared.

Marilyn by Allan D'Arcangelo

Remember to visit the building across the main fair - I think that's where the Unlimited exhition is... I missed it because I was not aware of it until I had left.

Aggregation15-MY029 by Chun Kwang-Young

Kleiner Tisch series by Daniel Spoerri

Wind Study (the hour of the day of the month of the season) by Jitish Kallat

Groovin' Corduroy Mind Snot '7092' by Sean Landers

Close up on Groovin' Corduroy Mind Snot '7092' by Sean Landers

Ars Longa Vita Brevis by Guido Nussbaum

So yeah, this is a 'short' summary of my visit to this year's Art Basel show. I hope that this has been of some use to you, whether it is to plan your next visit, or just to discover some new artwork.

I shall be posting a new blog soon on my stay in Berlin.

Thanks for your time,


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